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Toree's Dog Camp in Incline Village
Toree's Dog Camp in Incline Village ~ Nevada
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About Toree's Dog Camp in Incline Village
Note from Toree Warfield:

I got started watching dogs over 15 years ago when a sewing customer asked me to watch her dog. She said, "You're always home, so....". And I thought, "I'm always home, so.....why not!"

And on it went. I had young children at the time, and they really liked having the dogs around.

Dogs are walked off-leash and must have good recall. We do not walk on the road--we are in the woods from the moment we leave the deck.

There is a large, enclosed deck and a small fenced yard. Mid-day, we go off the deck for a quick potty break.

Dogs can be inside or outside on the deck, it depends on the weather and how everyone is behaving!

Your friend gets lovin', just like at home. They are always excited the second time they come to camp. Some of my dogs even perk up when you say my name. And they get really excited when you turn onto my street!

I am very, very careful with your pet, as I realize this is a member of your family and as such, irreplaceable. With me, your pet is as safe as he is with you. Probably not as safe as a kennel, as I don't use cages and we walk off-leash, and dogs will be dogs but I haven't lost one yet and I've been watching lots of dogs for a very long time. 

I don't take aggressive dogs and don't tolerate any acts of aggression when they're with me. I "speak dog"; they learn to listen to me when I speak!

I work at home (besides watching the dogs) and am almost always here, but occasionally have to run some errands. 

We have lots and lots of fun!
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