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Toree's Dog Camp in Incline Village
Toree's Dog Camp in Incline Village ~ Nevada
Daily Walks
Toree's Dog Camp in Incline Village Dog Care Schedule
Meal Times
The Middle Part of the Day
Most of the time, camp attendees spend their time lolling about on the floor or basking in the sun on the deck. But watch them come to life when it's time for "The Walk"! And boy, do they know when it's time. 

We go first thing in the morning, usually about three miles and/or 45 minutes. Everyone has time to do their business, and hopefully get in some romp time with their buddies.
At Toree's Dog Camp in Incline Village, we take care to provide our doggie friends high quality services personalized for their unique needs, including the dispensing of medications, walking on leash if necessary and the little ones even get to sleep on the bed if they want to!

 We take clients 24/7 and on every holiday. 

We provide a variety of activities including:
After the morning constitutional, it's time for breakfast. This can be a challenge as I often have to do everything myself, but we git 'er done. Some dogs eat in the bedroom, a few in the living room, a couple in the kitchen, and some on the deck. 

The dogs are watched over or "guarded", so that no one steals anyone's food. Medications are usually dispensed with breakfast and/or dinner, depending on needs.
Now it's lounge time, while camp owner and operator, Toree Warfield, gets the rest of the work done. She's a seamstress (among many other things) so she's sewing, doing fittings, working on the computer and fielding phone calls. 

The dogs hang out in the workroom, under foot, or in the living room, or on the deck.
Dinner usually occurs around 5 p.m. Medications are dispensed, dogs are fed. Then it's back to work until about an hour before sunset, when we set out on the evening walk.
Dinner Time
The Evening Walk
One hour or so before sunset, it's time for the evening walk. We go out for an hour or so, usually three miles, along trails that do not cross any roads.

We head out behind the house, up the hill and we're on public lands in the woods, with different trails to follow and squirrels to chase. 

They romp and play and hopefully, wear themselves out. 
The Rest of the Evening and Bedtime
Toree heads back to work and the dogs begin to settle in for the night. We go out for one more bathroom break before bed, then it's down for the night.

The dogs all sleep inside -- some in the bedroom, some prefer the living room, and some who are not completely trustworthy, get leashed to the table or legs of the wood stove.

Everyone gets "tucked in" -- just like you do for your kids. They wait for this too -- they know I go around and visit each dog, wherever he's decided to hang it up for the night. They melt into their beds and they know it's time to be quiet (hopefully) and still.
Geriatric Dogs
Toree will take older dogs and dogs who need special or extra care, such as medications, help up and down stairs, extra visits to the Great Potty Outside, or anything else.

Depending on the extra work involved, there may be an additional charge for this.
Let's face it -- dogs do on occasion make messes, whether it's vomiting or worse and there is an extra fee for this, approximately $20 per mess. 

Each mess requires a lot of attention -- I go through about a 5-step process for cleaning up pee or diarrhea, for example.

Even dogs who "never make messes", can and do make messes at dog camp, whether it's due to nerves, excitement or the smells of all the other dogs who have been there before them.